Telecommunications Service Providers

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Telecommunication Service Providers are constantly under pressure to decrease the cost of operations while enhancing efficiencies. Exponential growth of Internet traffic, generated by a larger number of online transactions, and access to on demand and streaming content, are taking over the telecom operators networks. "Over the Top" traffic (audio, video and applications) are also, demanding faster connections, and therefore, increased bandwidths.

Our integrated solutions portfolio for Service Providers, are focused on changing the way these companies design, deploy and modernize fixed and wireless networks.

Some of these companies are:

• TV Paid Providers.
• Carrier of Carriers.
• Internet and Data Providers.
• Cloud Services and Data Centers Providers.
• Internet Exchange Points.
• Operadores Móviles.
• Mobile Operators.


Some of our solutions for Service Providers are:

• Network Connectivity.
• Mobile Backhaul.
• MPLS Networks.
• Multipoint Point Wirless Networks (PmP) and Point to Point (PtP).
• Optical Transport Networks.
• Data Centers and Cloud Providers Networks.
• 3G Off-loading.
• Business Solutions in our cloud platform, to optimize your customer service and your sales process.
• Conversion from TDM to IP.
• Network Optimization.
• Subscriber Behavior Analysis.
• OTT Video Optimization.
• Cell Congestion and Fair Use Management.
• Service Tiering.
• Bill Shock Prevention (Advice of charge).
• OTT Media Caching.
• Quota Volume Charging.
• Network Security.
• Security Managed Services.
• Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) of the Network.
• Perimetral Security Systems.
• Web Application protection.
• Applications.
• AAA Systems (Authentication, Authorization & Audit).
• Network & Subscriber Analytics.