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IoT and industries: How it would benefit the third wave of Internet

IoT (Internet of Things) is creating new business opportunities in industries. In this paper we evaluate the present and the future of connected objects in companies: how vertical industries are implementing projects with IoT technology and how this change may impact your business model.

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Hospitality 3.0 is here

Discover how technology can evolve the hotel services, allow you to obtain main benefits and ensure better customer experience.

Get on the cutting edge wave and differentiate your proposal from your competitors capturing the Millennials, the travelers 3.0.

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Policy in a Multi-Play,
Multi-Network World

In their first joint White Paper, Openet and CLAdirect bring you a new perspective about the importance of create Policies in an integrated services environment, with 10 Use Cases with Operator examples. 

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The Evolution of Shared Data:
Operator Examples and Future Direction

Openet and CLAdirect offer the Latin American market a basic guide showing the success stories of operators worldwide when implementing Shared Data plans.

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