Managed Services

Managed Services

CLAdirect allows you to take over the heart of your business while we take care to keep your business connected 100% and operative. Our Managed Services are the best managed support to facilitate growth and innovation in your company.

Our Offer

Managed Services:

Delegate all or partial management of computer and telecommunication infrastructure of your company. The offer from CLAdirect guarantees the highest levels of services to ensure that the quality of the data, whether measurement or reached. Our team of experienced professionals, equipped with the most reliable and innovative technology platform, has extensive experience and certifications to keep updated the technological level of your business, without this impacting directly on your payroll.

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Value Proposition

• Extensive experience managing projects involving management of multiple applications, MPLS networks and support systems.
• Management of the hardware / software of your business by experienced staff.
• Service Level Agreements (SLA's) to suit the needs of our customers.