Logistics Services

Logistics Services

With operations in more than 11 countries in the Americas, we are the provider of technology solutions with greatest presence in the region. We have the ability and experience to move goods and services on a pan-regional scale, guaranteeing the solutions delivery on time and in perfect condition.

Our Offer

Project Management: We have the knowledge and ability to organize logistics and resources according to the specific conditions of each project and client. We combine tasks of receiving, sending and transport of elements for customer projects.

Inventory Management: We have a system that analyzes stock rotation and growth projections. We reduce delivery times by determining at which of our closest customer locations any required product is located.

Services Return Merchandise Authorization(RMA): Ensuring the delivery of spare parts and replacement of damaged units with the option of using local depots andService Level Agreements (SLA)as needed.

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Value Proposal

• Excellent delivery times and visibility into delivery of goods and services.
• Strategically located inventory always at a customer’s disposal.
• Timeliness and speed in the processing of your requirements by our local team.