Local Services

Local Services

CLAdirect has a team of professionals who swiftly and effectively provide expert local support. We have local contacts in each of our offices in the Americas who will support and coordinate all management and implementation of your project.


Planning and design:
. Site surveys, network assessments and RF /Wireless planning.
. Information gathering for Service Providers or multi-national customers with operations in the region.


. Physical installation of networks and infrastructure equipment.
. Configuring hardware/software to allow remote control, management and/or configuration regardless of the level of complexity.
. Migration using predefined templates or configuration scripts.


. Support field service according to the specific requirements of each country.
. Regional training and certification for customers and partners.

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Value Proposition

• Knowledge exchange among all regional offices allows for greater innovation and consistency of solutions across all markets.
• Application of advanced and efficient project management tools.
• We guarantee high levels of response to your requirements.