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Our solutions are designed to work with Telecom Service Providers (xSPs) facing the challenge of the changeable state of Internet. Consumer demand from businesses and end users are modifying the range and speed of traffic, while increasing amounts of bandwidth and content "on-demand" (like videos) among others, drive the exponential growth in traffic.

Traffic patterns are also changing, driven by mobile devices and the increase in cloud services with large flows of data generated anytime, anywhere, over an extended period. xSPs current infrastructure needs flexibility, density and scalability to support current demands for bandwidth, availability and reliability expected by users.

Similarly, CLAdirect provides technology solutions for Utilities. The global industrial infrastructure includes thousands of companies that provide electricity, water and wastewater management, oil and gas, chemicals, among others, that largely depend on industrial control systems and telecommunications networks.

In Utilities, there is a need to operate the latest generation of telecommunications infrastructure safely, reliably and providing visibility and control over all elements of the delivery system. CLAdirect specializes in providing solutions to maintain the reliability of traditional SCADA systems and remote protection, while incorporating IP technology to support the latest generation of them, as well as enabling the new Smart Grid.

CLAdirect works with both markets to maximize their competitive advantage thanks to our portfolio of solutions and services: Network Connectivity, Network Optimization, Network Security and Applications.