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Hospitality industry has experienced a new growth with the re-emergence of all-inclusive hotels and vacation clubs. As operating performances continue to strengthen, more hotel financing opportunities are available for the future.

Big Data and (Artificial Intelligence) AI applications focus on enhancing a hotel’s revenue management system by dynamically changing room rates based on a number of changing variables, including the hotel’s website activity or weather conditions. Also, to increase online reservations, improve the return on advertising spend (ROAS), and achieve a better understanding guest preferences and build stronger customer loyalty.

Our integrated solutions for Hospitality, are focused to collaborate with these kind of companies:

• Hotels, Motels, Resorts.
• Airports.
• Lodging Operations.
• Restaurants.
• Cruise Ships.
• Convention and Conference Centers.
• Parks.


• Food and Beverage.
• Lodging.
• Travel.
• Tourism.
• Recreation.


Some of the Hospitality Solutions included in our portfolio are:

• Campus networking.
• Campus-wide WiFi.
• High performance networking.
• WAN optimization.
• WAN virtualization.
• Cloud access optimization.
• Server load balance.
• Secure remote access.
• High performance Web application security.
• Perimeter security.