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The global medical device connectivity market is projected to grow from US$3.5 billion in 2012 to US$33.5 billion by 2019.  The key components of medical device connectivity are: software, Bluetooth hardware, wired hardware, WMTS hardware, wireless hardware, and Wi-Fi hardware.  Monitoring is projected to account for 60 % of the mobile health market opportunity in Latin America.

Here are 4 key trends related to the use of technology in healthcare:

1.Spotlight on telemedicine. 

2.Improved data collection with better patient experience. 

3.Wider scope for data mining and research. 

4.Transferring care management responsibilities to patients. 

WiFi is changing the Healthcare industry. How?

• Medical advances.

• Patient Benefits.

• Accessibility.

• Family friendly.

• Feedback on services.

• Personalised ‘offers’ and patient information.

Our integrated solutions for Healthcare, are focused to collaborate with these kind of companies:

• Hospitals.
• Clinics.
• Medical Centers.
• Medical and Care Institutions.
• Prepaid Medical Services.


Some of the Solutions for Healthcare included in our portfolio are:

• Campus networking.
• Campus-wide WiFi.
• High performance networking.
• WAN optimization.
• WAN virtualization.
• Cloud access optimization.
• Server load balance.
• Secure remote access.
• High performance Web application security.
• Perimeter security.