Financial Services

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Staying competitive in the financial and capital markets is a big hurdle that involves innovation to gain a competitive edge. From regulations, taxes, and legal compliance to technological improvements, there are many cogs to the securities industry machine. Any wheel or cog that gets blocked in some way in this machine — whether it be new compliance laws, cyber security demands, or the constant risks that financial institutions face every day — has the potential to completely ruin the machine if they’re not tended to properly.

Financial institutions will count on technology more than ever to handle the increasing complexities of business with a minimum of staff, to satisfy customers' need for convenience and to abide by increasingly complex regulatory rules. Use of newer technologies will be central to the bottom lines of banks and credit unions.

CLAdirect joins the financial industry in this challenge, with a Solutions and Services portfolio designed to speed up the creation of new services for customers, with the highest standards that ensure connectivity and security for each transaction.

Some of this companies are:

•Insurance Companies - Loans.
•Credit Card companies.


•Campus networking.
•Campus-wide WiFi.
•High performance networking.
•WAN optimization.
•WAN virtualization.
•Cloud access optimization.
•Server load balance.
•Secure remote access.
•High performance Web application security.
•Perimeter security.